2018 Spring | WISH LIST

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I know my list is full of flowers + spring colors + or frills but it’s currently on my wish list for spring + and I’m jazzed at hopefully acquiring at least a good portion of my list providing that when I do my haul + items are still available.

I’ve been crushing on this bag for a few months now + and I know my daughter is really tired of me carrying hers so I think it’s about time I grabbed one of my own in a nice neutral color. [JustFab.com]

Let’s face it … we all that the sitcom Living Single is the “first” Friends just flipped + and I love the show. I still watch it everyday now that it’s in syndication [and it doesn’t hurt that I own it on DVD]. So I was like a little kid in a candy store when I found this “Khadijah + Synclaire + Maxine + and Regine” Tee.  I don’t even wear graphic tee’s + but I’m so getting this one for me and my daughter.  Living Single [all seasons] is streaming now on Hulu. [Skreened.om]

If you’ve been reading my post you know how I’ve been wanting some coveralls + my daughter says I’m too old + but you I’m not paying that any mind + and while the weather is till cool I can get away with these on the weekends. [CityChicOnline.com]

This is actually perfect timing for this book as I’m only two chapters away from finishing Sharp Objects [Gilian Flynn] + and it’s next on my Good Reads list.  The past few books have been dark so it’s nice to read something that’s refreshing for Spring. [Amazon.com]

I am a magazine junkie + I’ve subscribed to just about every style of magazine you can think of + but nothing sticks.  I look at the pretty pictures and just move on.  Then they sit in a lovely stack in my home collecting dust.  This still doesn’t discourage me + and every year I try out a new magazine.  This Spring I choose the Simple Things Magazine.  Each issue is $5 dollars so there’s no commitment + and if don’t like it I can try out another one.  It’s also downloadable on Kindle or Nook.  [Barnsandnoble.com]

I’ve had a hard time finding a setting spray that actually works + nothing that I’ve been using has any staying power + I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using mineral makeup + or is it just the brand of setting spray.  In the past I’ve used Sephora’s Mist + Fix but that doesn’t really work that well either.  While my makeup isn’t coming off on my clothing + if I dab it with a towel I do see it.  I’ve read a few beauty blogger reviews about this one + so I’m ready to test it out for myself. [Ulta.com]

Naturals are always on the lookout for a good shampoo + and with all the butters + creams + and gels that I use on my hair + it’s nice to be able to detox + deep condition it at least twice a month.  It means less hair on my comb + and softer + more springier curls. [SheaMoisture.com]

For someone that uses her oven as much as I do + you would think that I have this assortment of bake ware.  Sadly I have two baking dishes … one Pyrex + and one small one that I inherited. They barely hold anything.  I really need to upgrade my kitchen-ware and get some real baking dishes. I’ve spotted others on Sir La Table [expensive] + and in Home Goods but I can never seem to find more than two that match when I look there.  These dishes come in a set and are large enough to accommodate my Thanksgiving diners.  I’m not much for the flowers but I do love the depth.  [Walmart.com]

I know what your thinking + these boots look really plain for a rain boot + or there are so many other colors and styles that are cute.  Personally … I’m not looking for cuteness I’m looking for function.  I like the black book because it goes with everything.  It also doesn’t hurt that I first spotted Joanna Gaines wearing these on Fixer Upper + and since I also subscribe to the Magnolia Journal they were listed as her favorites.  That’s all the convincing that I need.  [Amazon.com]

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“Sunday Tea” | Chit-Chat: Big Business vs. Mom + Pop

I’ve posted several style boards on my blog + before I even started blogging I was making style-boards.  It’s therapeutic and a wonderful creative outlet to share ideas and get a visual.  The site that I’ve been using for the past 5-6 years [Polyvore] has been an outlet for this creativity.  I use Photoshop for Moodboards [mostly] but everything else comes from Polyvore.  Last Thursday I received this in an email …

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.39.52 AM

What I see here is a classic case of “big” business pushing out the smaller guy + or was it … why did this happen you may ask + because SSENCE wanted Polyvore’s database of users.  They wanted the information.

“Unless users choose to opt out, the online retailer will gain access to their usernames, email addresses and other data stored on Polyvore” [Source: Foot Wear News]

Now I’m not sure how these things work + did they just come in and push this company out + or did Polyvore think like most small businesses or “Mom + Pop” shops + that this would be a good fit + or was money the sole reason.  Polyvore had a thriving community of content creators + people made connections [friends] and found that creating a simple board about fashion could ease depression + anxiety + and loneliness.  Now you may be thinking ok … have you even looked at the SSENCE website.  I have but I immediately opted out + because I didn’t want them having my information.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.57.31 AM.png

What I found when looking at the website was overpriced designer brands that most people can never afford + and if they could who would want it.  There banner reads “Now Polyvore is SSENCE like that’s a good thing.  SSENCE is a shopping website for designer brands.  Polyvore was never about shopping + but the links provided when adding items would take you to the website if you wanted the item.  Polyvore was for content creators and allowed you to pin images from shopping websites [like Pinterest] so you could choose the affordable option + and it wasn’t just for clothing but household + and miscellaneous items as well.  I had so many boards [over 200] that I was able to download [after I made the request] but not with the names that I gave them + with a number.  All of my drafts are gone + all of my curated list are gone + and all of my collections with no warning.  I went to Polyvore on April 5th and kept getting redirected to another site.  Then at the end of the day I received the email.  It’s really disappointing because yes … I could create my boards with Photoshop + but I don’t want to have thousands of images on my hard drive.

I’m just so damn flustered.  These companies claiming to make your experience better when all they’ve really done is made things more complicated.  How about not taking down the website that we grew to enjoy and connect with.  What it really boils down to is a username and email address.  I gather that this is the way that small retail businesses feel when a Walmart opens down the street.  I just can’t think strait … it will take some work to try to find another outlet for this + and I’m still looking around.   Maybe I shouldn’t have let myself become dependent on this outlet + maybe I relied to heavily on it + but alas … you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

This concludes my unusual rant/Sunday Chit-Chat session + and I know this goes over my two paragraphs + but I had to get this off my mind.  Thank you so much for hanging with me on the blog on this Sunday.  Don’t forget to “comment” + “like” + and “subscribe”.  Have a fantastic + productive week friends.


styleTrend | OverALLS [take two]

Yes you may have noticed my obsession with overalls [coveralls].  When I was a teenager I wanted some so badly but my Mom never caved + and I never got them + or she just wasn’t dropping that kind of money.  I basically got what I needed [not what I wanted] This time there is nothing stopping me and I can’t wait to get a pair + so I’ve been styling them in all sorts of outfits.